Knitting Patterns


Knitting Patterns

Create your own heirloom jumper. This SET OF PATTERNS has instructions for making a jumper with the popular SHEEP MOTIFS.

It includes layouts for ages 1-2 years, 2-3 years and 3-4 years.
The price is only $A15 Australian plus postage.
Instructions for advanced knitters come with the patterns and includes all information necessary such as cast on and off numbers of stitches and instructions for knitting bands etc.

Knitting Tips

Jacket bands are knitted in garter stitch without ribbing to  give long term wear. Sleeves will become 3/4 length and the bottom a short jacket as children grow and still look great. The bottom is knitted in one piece to armhole, on a circular needle, (hence no side seams) which gives the garment a neater finish.

Yarn is passed across back of work no more than 3 stitches so little fingers don’t get caught in long threads. Yarn colours, shades and patterns are changed often to give a one off “Art Form” garment.

Sheep are knitted in a wool boucle to give them a wooly look. Hats are knitted to give a little stretch to fit snuggly as heads grow. Some wool is randomly hand dyed to give a grassy effect.