About Ronnie

Ronnie Avery’s passion for knitting started at the tender age of 5, when she was taught to knit by her mother and then completed her first jumper. Ronnie grew up on a large sheep farm in Colebrook, Tasmania and recalls her lessons in knitting, which often ended in tears. “My mother told me if something is worth doing, it is worth doing right”, Ronnie said.

Ronnie left Tasmania at 17 to travel overseas where she continued her hobby and also spent a number of months knitting professionally for a business in Scotland. She returned to Australia some 12 years later with a dream to design and knit her own label. Her first designs were created for Salamanca Market on Hobart’s waterfront.


Ronnie introduced a selection of garments, including hats, jumpers and jackets. Ronnie has built her reputation on quality and design and her knitwear range is now sold throughout Tasmania and mainland Australia. During 2001 Ronnie is seeking export opportunities in the USA.


Inspired simply by the farm, Ronnie designs her range for children of all ages using high quality Australian wool to create comfortable and durable garments with a range of hats to match. Ronnie has a keen eye for quality and hand selects her wools with great care and interest. Crepe yarn wools are used in her designs for their long lasting qualities.


Most yarn is a crepe yarn which has an extra twist, which reduces pillingĀ  and makes the wool long lasting and shrink resistant. The wools are sourced mostly from Australia and those colours Ronnie is unable to obtain she hand-dyes. When asked what this process involves, Ronnie says, “I use good quality wool dye which I place in with the wool and heat in the microwave!” Ronnie uses 100% wool in her garments.

Today, demand for Ronnie’s exclusive designs challenges her team of 50 local, skilled and dedicated knitters, many of whom work from their homes. “Coming up with new designs is the easy part, keeping up with demand is more difficult as it takes 4 months to train new knitters.” Ronnie has an unusually good rapport with her staff, many of whom have been working for her for several years.

My Staff become My Friends

“My staff are more like my friends, they are like family”, says Ronnie. Her complex designs have been simplified for more efficient production and ease of training. Quality control is difficult but Ronnie is insistent on maintaining high standards and consistent production. Each garment varies according to the knitter’s style, so Ronnie’s success lies in her ability to manage the varying expertise of her staff.

Unique Designs

Ideal as a unique gift for friends or family near or far, Ronnie Avery’s intricate designs come in a vast array of colours. Characteristic of Ronnie’s children’s knitwear is the straight cut sleeves and band on the cardigans that allows for growing children. Nowadays, hand-knitting is a dying craft as few women are prepared to spend the long hours necessary to produce just one garment.

Knitters are artists, Ronnie says. “Knitting is an art form that is largely unrecognised.” Inspired simply by the farm, her hand-knitted garmets of original design are made in Tasmania. These quality items are crafted from Australian wool that has been hand selected to create a comfortable and durable garment. Washed carefully, they will have a very long life.

Family Heirlooms – Not Just Jumpers!

An art form that can be passed on to future family members. All garments are labelled by average size for age e.g. 3-4 year old and are finished with no loose threads to catch small fingers.

Your guarantee of quality is your pleasure and satisfaction in acquiring a garment of great beauty, original design and long durability for generations to come.